We Focus on Industry Solutions.

Every industry has unique requirements when it comes to their product solutions. That’s why we at Bader Group specifically focus on industry solutions, even in the project planning and development phases.
Whether you need soundproofed, non-transparent, penetration-resistant or heat-resistant solutions, we observe all industry-specific guidelines and German DIN standards. This allows you to deploy your purpose-built solution in the most effective way. Our top priority is to offer you the highest level of quality.

Our solutions include machine enclosures and protective housings, switch cabinets, special housings and tailored solutions for over twelve industries ranging from the machine tools industry, medical technology, and the food industry to information technology.

Machine tools industry

Machine tools have to exhibit superior quality, maximum resiliency and a functional design.

Bader solutions for the machine tools industry are characterized by a high processing and design quality. A sophisticated chip removal system is a huge plus in functionality. Additionally, we provide switch cabinets that match the design and size of the machines. Our example is the Deckel Maho DMU 50, a Gildemeister machine.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • unit construction and multi-station transfer machines,
  • lathe machines,
  • grinding, polishing, lapping and honing machines,
  • milling machines,
  • bending, folding and straightening machines,
  • handling machines,
  • and more.

Environmental technology

Tomorrow’s technology requires enclosures that are energy-efficient, dirt-repellent and robust.

The advanced Bader design with extensive aluminium surfaces features functional details such as dirt and dust separation as well as integrated cooling and ventilation, enhancing the machines’ energy efficiency. Environmentally friendly special coatings underline the enclosures’ innovative nature. The purpose-built switch cabinets can also be deployed outdoors.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • electricity generators,
  • recycling facilities,
  • waste sorting facilities,
  • inverters,
  • and more.

Food industry

Hygienic and washable surfaces are vital prerequisites applying to machine enclosures in the food industry.

Bader uses superior-quality stainless steel with various grinding patterns. State-of-the-art trimming facilities ensure burr-free outcomes. For absolute cleanliness, the enclosures are sealed in a highly efficient way (as required by the customer and with certification).

Machinery used in the industry:

  • filling systems,
  • heat exchangers,
  • vacuum processing systems,
  • mixing machines,
  • cleaning systems,
  • sorting systems,
  • refrigeration units,
  • and more.

Woodworking machinery

Housings for woodworking machinery have to withstand maximum forces with maximum safety.

To deliver the utmost in industrial safety, Bader relies on dust and scratch-resistant surfaces, maximum sound insulation and pre-wired safety circuits. A functional design for extractors and protective covers considerably simplifies the workflow.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • sawing machines,
  • planing machines,
  • milling machines,
  • window machines,
  • grinding machines,
  • carpentry machines,
  • and more.

Tobacco industry

Requirements in the tobacco industry range from easy maintenance and operation to maximum cleanliness and integration of various filter technologies.

Since reliability is of great importance for companies in the tobacco industry, many of them choose to partner with Bader. The brand has long become a byword for sheet-metal housings in the tobacco industry.
With well-defined processes, Bader sets standards for efficient production, predictable manufacturing performance and superior quality for every single sheet-metal product.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • filter cigarette makers,
  • laser perforation,
  • cigarette recycling,
  • single-filter makers,
  • and more.

Construction machinery

We provide space-efficient and absolutely leak-proof custom tanks that are tailored to your needs.

With their diverse needs, companies in the construction machinery industry require custom tank solutions that are tailor-made. As a specialist for customised product solutions, we meet your requirements using your desired materials and wall strengths. With our welding certification pursuant to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and manufacturer qualification class E in accordance with DIN 18800-7 (extended to dynamic stress), we can guarantee superior-quality welding seams and processes whether using steel, stainless steel or aluminium. We ensure the highest level in anti-corrosion protection and perfect surface finishing by employing state-of-the-art powder-coating systems that allow even XXL sized tanks to be duplex-coated or made to suit your unique requirements. Thanks to our sophisticated logistics processes, we can deliver custom tanks to any site in the world.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • construction vehicle industry,
  • agricultural machinery industry,
  • transportation machinery,
  • mechanical engineering, and
  • vehicle manufacturing.

Renewable energy

In the renewable energy industry, requirements such as weather-resistant housings, intuitive operation and easy maintenance need to be considered.

From the solar sector to biogas plants, Bader offers a wide range of product solutions that keep down operating costs as well as energy consumption. Our environmentally friendly, powder-coated cooling units help you avoid costly downtimes.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • electricity generators,
  • recycling facilities,
  • waste sorting facilities,
  • inverters,
  • cooling units,
  • ventilation units,
  • heating units,
  • air conditioning systems,
  • air-to-water heat exchangers,
  • water-to-water heat exchangers,
  • and more.

Medical technology

Maximum cleanliness, antibacterial surfaces and more: medical technology demands superior enclosures and operation of units.

Bader uses high-quality materials such as stainless steel, Plexiglas, particular coatings and special plastics. Seals and wiring are perfectly adapted to the formidable hygiene requirements. The design is configured for functionality and aesthetics. Benefit from our competence and reduce your assembly time through intelligent pre-assembly.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • laser systems,
  • injection moulding machines,
  • dialysis machines,
  • heart-lung machines,
  • CT scanners,
  • and more.

Beverages industry (filling systems)

Total sterility and reduced cleaning needs with better workflow accessibility are the primary requirements in the beverages industry.

We at Bader Group take this into account even in the prototyping phase to offer you tailored product solutions. Thanks to our extensive experience with numerous customer engagements we are able to develop and construct machine enclosures with various geometries and free-form surfaces for filling systems. A safe process flow and an attractive, space-optimised design are as important as superior hygiene.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • filling systems

Plastic injection moulding

To produce excellent products, the plastics industry requires convenient machine enclosures that can be assembled flexibly.

Bader machine enclosures can be opened and closed swiftly and safely. Their modular, pre-assembled systems allow quick installation on the customer’s premises. Delivered in smart transport racks, the machines can be used immediately with near-zero downtimes.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • welding machines,
  • laminating systems,
  • embossing facilities,
  • injection moulding machines,
  • thermoforming facilities,
  • extrusion systems,
  • and more.

Packaging industry

Temperature-resistant processing, housings with perfect edges and antistatic materials are distinct requirements for complex machines.

Bader uses superior-quality stainless steel as well as antibacterial coatings and employs state-of-the art laser, punching, bending and welding systems for processing. The wiring is hidden in the housing and highly elastic seals ensure absolute cleanliness. Lower your inventory levels thanks to our logistics concepts and reduce throughput times with Bader solutions. Our example shows a Krones filling machine.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • packaging machines,
  • wrapping machines,
  • heat sealing machines,
  • hooding machines,
  • packing machines,
  • folding machines,
  • and more.

Defence technology

Bader machine enclosures for defence technology excel most notably through their safety and durability.

When defence companies order systems, the supplier has to meet unique demands regarding quality and reliability.
This is exactly why Bader is the perfect partner for defence technology. Our customer-focused service ensures optimum supply capabilities and high durability of all Bader products.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • supplies for maritime systems,
  • supplies for land-based systems,
  • supplies for protection systems,
  • supplies for tower systems,
  • and more.

Electrical engineering

Housings for electrical technology are subject to the most stringent legal requirements.

Various types of protection guarantee the best level of safety for machines and operators.
The Bader Group offers flexibility and the best possible adaptation of housings in terms of design and form.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • large enclosures,
  • compact enclosures,
  • custom tanks,
  • switch cabinets,
  • operator panels,
  • terminal boxes,
  • special housings, and
  • tailored solutions.

Printing industry

Today’s printing machines are designed for functionality, efficiency and ergonomics.

Bader solutions support these requirements. Switch cabinets and casings are integrated in one element. Operating panels and peripheral workstations with appropriate ergonomics and lighting match the design of the machine and complete the extensive product range.

Machinery used in the industry:

  • letterpress printing systems,
  • gravure printing systems,
  • offset printing systems,
  • screen printing systems,
  • and more.